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About Us

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Russian River Watershed, California, USA

The Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership is dedicated to providing long-term water reliability solutions in the Russian River Watershed for communities and the environment.

In response to the sharp decline of coho salmon in the Russian River watershed, the Partnership was formed in 2009. The Partnership was developed to improve streamflow and water supply reliability in five Russian River Tributaries selected for their importance in coho recovery: Dutch Bill CreekGreen Valley Creek, Mark West Creek, Mill Creek, and Grape Creek. The Partnership relies on grant funding for all operating and project/monitoring costs.

To assist landowners and water users, the Partnership aims to reduce the impact of dry season water use from our streams. Collecting data specific to each watershed helps us measure improvements to streamflow, increase water reliability, and improve survival rates of coho salmon.

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Balancing the needs of people and the environment

The Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership is committed to finding solutions that meet the needs of both water users and fish. Often, there is a misconception that the water needs of people and the environment are at odds. In fact, through careful planning and management, they can be balanced for mutual benefit.  

Lack of fresh water in the creeks is a limiting factor to salmon recovery. With careful planning and water supply management, there is enough water for people AND fish

In coastal California, most rainfall occurs in the winter months followed by a dry period in the summer and fall, so water demand is high when water is least available. 

The good news is, annual rainfall provides more than enough water to keep streams flowing and meet human needs! By identifying mechanisms where water can be acquired and stored during the rainy season for use in dry months, we can work together to provide greater water security for all.

The graphs above depict the relationship(s) between rainfall, streamflow, and human water need. Green Valley Creek is used as an example here, but the same trend is seen across all of the Partnership’s focus watersheds.  

Changing the way you obtain and use water can benefit fish and improve your water security. If you live in one of our focus watersheds, the Partnership wants to work with you to assess your water needs, evaluate conservation strategies, identify projects to increase water reliability, and assist with building projects. Please see our Water Conservation Resources page for more information or Contact Us!

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