Sonoma RCD was established in 1946 and works closely with rural and agricultural landowners and managers, as well as collaborating with community partners in responding to the natural resource and watershed management needs of Sonoma County. Resource Conservation District’s (RCD’s) are local, non-regulatory special districts organized under state law. Sonoma RCD provides science based information to assist landowners and managers in making the best possible resource decisions about their land. Sonoma RCD conducts outreach and implements streamflow improvement projects on behalf of the Partnership in Mark West, Mill, and Grape creek watersheds.

Sonoma RCD

The Gold Ridge Resource Conservation District is a local government agency which was established in western Sonoma County in 1941, and works with landowners and land managers in the community to address a variety of natural resource issues and challenges. GRRCD facilitates and implements stewardship projects to address water quality, climate change and its impacts, biodiversity, ecosystem health, and water quantity on both private and public lands by providing technical assistance, outreach, education and project design and implementation. As a member of the Russian River Coho Partnership, the Gold Ridge RCD develops and constructs streamflow improvement projects in the Dutch Bill Creek and upper Green Valley Creek watersheds. The RCD conducts outreach to landowners in target areas, planning, designing and building projects to conserve water, develop alternative water sources and construct water storage.

Gold Ridge RCD

For more than a  decade, California Sea Grant’s Russian River Salmon and Steelhead Monitoring Program (CSG) has been conducting basinwide salmon and steelhead monitoring in order to provide science-based information to all stakeholders involved in their recovery. CSG efforts support the Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program, the statewide Coastal Monitoring Program, and other salmonid recovery efforts.

Since 2010, CSG has been studying oversummer survival of juvenile coho in relation to flow and environmental factors in Partnership priority streams in order to provide empirical support for efforts that aim to increase the survival of salmon through the dry season.

CA Sea Grant

Trout Unlimited (TU) has worked on water rights reform and streamflow projects in California for over 20 years. TU’s primary roles within the Coho Partnership are to provide water rights permitting support and streamflow monitoring and hydrologic studies. TU is also the fiscal agent for the Partnership’s National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant.

Trout Unlimited

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s (OAEC) Watershed Advocacy, Training, Eduation, & Research (WATER) Institute was created to catalyze local and regional water policy and sustainable water management practices based on the principles of conservation hydrology. The WATER Instritute Director provides public outreach and education services while supporting Partners marjeting efforts to support ongoing fundraising and outreach efforts. 


Funding Partners and Technical Advisory Committee


The Coho Partnership is generously funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation with support provided by Sonoma Water


In 2009, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Keystone Initiative Business Plan was drafted to support Russian River coho salmon recovery. The initiative’s goal within Sonoma County, California is to;

“return a viable, self-sustaining population of coho salmon to the Russian River watershed”

The Partnership’s work is guided by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) that ensures common understanding among Partners and regulatory agencies. The TAC is invited to yearly meetings where an overview of the Partnership’s work is presented and objectives are discussed.

The Coho Partnership would like to acknowledge and express gratitude to our additional funding, TAC, and project partners:

UC Berkeley
CA Water Board

The Coho Partnership would like to sincerely thank the many private landowners whose support makes this work possible. Without their engagement, we could not do the work we do! 

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