Habitat Enhancement

Habitat Enhancement

The Partnership works with landowners, who have a stream channel on their property, to implement riparian and instream habitat enhancement projects on rural lands. The Partners collaborate with resource agencies and local contractors, in addition to the landowner, to achieve the goals of the project.

Habitat enhancement is a multi-benefit approach that allows landowners and salmonids to concurrently reap rewards of the implemented project.

The benefits for landowners can include increased bank stability, protection against flooding and climate change, improved water quality, and erosion prevention. Benefits for salmonids and other aquatic species are extensive. They include reduced turbidity caused by sedimentation, decreased water temperatures, additional shelter, removal of barriers to fish passage, gravel sorting, and improved water quality.

Habitat Enhancement projects may include the following:

  • Installation of large wood and boulders to create scour pools and slow water for resting areas for salmonids
  • Modification/replacement/removal structures in the creek that are barriers to fish movement
  • Expansion of the riparian corridor and canopy
  • Removal of invasive vegetation and improvement of vegetative diversity
  • Installation of livestock fencing 
  • Developing alternative water sources for livestock
  • Streambank stabilization
  • Erosion prevention and control of streambanks, hillsides, and rural roads 
  • Construction of off-channel habitat to provide refuge from high flows for juvenile salmonids

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