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Streamflow Data

Stream data is critical to development of strategies addressing the needs of water users and coho salmon. The Partnership has installed gauges to collect stream data including water depth, water temperature, and air temperature. To view publicly available data, click on the watersheds depicted on the map below.

Property owners can submit an application to host a gauge on their property. Interested landowners should contact us or download and complete the Standard Agreement for Streamflow Monitoring.

Members of the public can request detailed data by completing a Data Request Form.

Please note the following disclaimer:

The data reported here are preliminary, have not been verified, and may be unreliable for reasons including, but not limited to, instrument malfunction, undetected disruptions or interference occurring at the measurement site, or errors in interpretation. Please note that data are currently available only for water depth (not flow), temperature data has not been reviewed or calibrated, instruments may be located above the water levels in pools, and some instruments measure stage up to a certain height and will display a flat line at zero or the maximum height once that maximum measurable stage is reached.

Coho Partnership Gauges

click on a watershed for information on its gauges
Map of Coho Partnership Gauges
Mark West Creek Green Valley Creek Dutch Bill Creek Mill Creek Grape Creek

Visit the
Streamflow Data Center

  • Grape Creek
  • Mill Creek
  • Mark West Creek
  • Dutch Bill & Green Valley Creeks

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