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Stream Hydrology


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Hydrology is the study of water and its interactions and interrelationships in the environment. The Coho Partnership is studying the relationships between streamflow and human water needs in five project watersheds in Sonoma County.

The term watershed describes a catchment basin that conveys all surface and groundwater that falls within and runs through it. It is geographically defined by the highest ridgelines, or watershed divides, that encircle it. These watershed divides differentiate it from the adjacent watershed. A portion of water that falls in a watershed as rain becomes streamflow that is transported through a common stream (the rest is stored as groundwater, evaporates, or is transpired by plants). For example, approximately 50% of the rain falling in the Green Valley Creek watershed becomes streamflow that eventually reaches the Russian River.

The Partnership is gathering streamflow data (magnitudes, timing, and frequency of high and low flows) from each project watershed to characterize the flow regime of each stream. We accomplish this by installing streamflow gauges and recording data measurements throughout the year. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) help us model the dynamics of water supply and the water needs of human users and natural systems for each project watershed. Both of these activities help us understand how streams can benefit from reducing summer water demand and how water stored from winter rains impacts important ecological functions.

For more information about the data generated by our project, visit CEMAR's streamflow data center.

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