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Mark West Creek (CEMAR)

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Mark West Creek

Map of the Mark West Creek watershed
Map of the Mark West Creek watershed
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  View from St. Helena Bridge, Mark West Creek (Sotoyome RCD)   Mark West Watershed (Ruth Ark)
  Understory Habitat, Mark West Creek (Sotoyome RCD)   Stream Channel, Mark West Creek (Sotoyome RCD)

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Mark West Creek Streamflow Gauge Data

For more information, see Mark West Creek on the Sonoma RCD website.

Mark West Creek originates in the Mayacamas Mountains in Sonoma County, flows through the Laguna de Santa Rosa and drains to the Russian River near Forestville. The upper Mark West Creek watershed is an important sub-basin that drains approximately 40 square miles of terrain into the Mark West / Laguna de Santa Rosa system. The watershed ranges from 1800 ft. in elevation at the headwaters of Mark West Creek to 40 ft. at the Russian River confluence.

Current land uses in the upper Mark West watershed include vineyards, timber lands, rangeland, rural residential, and recreational and ecologically protected areas.

The Mark West Creek watershed supports a number of state and federally protected plant and animal species, including steelhead trout and, recently, coho salmon. Due to the relatively intact habitat and high biological value of the upper watershed, as well as its status as the only Coho habitat in the Russian east of Healdsburg, Mark West Creek is a critical link in the efforts to protect steelhead trout and coho salmon recovery efforts in the Russian River watershed.

The confluence of Mark West Creek and the Russian River is near municipal wells which supply clean drinking water for over 600,000 people in three counties. Efforts to restore and conserve lands for agriculture, recreation and biodiversity protection, also help to ensure reliable, clean drinking water for a large population.

The Upper Mark West Creek watershed was selected as a keystone watershed for the Sotoyome RCD Russian River Monitoring and Assessment Program (RRCSP) in 1999 due to the significant aquatic resources and the relatively high interest, awareness and stewardship ethic shown by landowners and residents to restore and protect the watershed. This effort has resulted in the ongoing identification and implementation of projects that address the highest restoration priorities.

Projects (completed or pending)

  • Sediment reduction on rural roads.
  • Riparian revegetation enhancement.
  • Instream habitat enhancement.
  • Watershed Management Plan - Phase II under development.

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