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Green Valley Creek (Gold Ridge RCD)

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Green Valley Creek

Map of the Green Valley Creek watershed
Map of the Green Valley Creek watershed
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  Juvenile Coho, Green Valley Creek (Trout Unlimited)   Measuring young coho, Green Valley Creek (UCCE)
  Storm flow, Green Valley Creek (Trout Unlimited)   Vineyard, Green Valley Creek (Trout Unlimited)
  Stream measurements, Green Valley Creek (Gold Ridge RCD)    

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Green Valley Creek Streamflow Gauge Data

For more information, see Green Valley Creek on the Gold Ridge RCD website.

Green Valley Creek is a major tributary in the lower Russian River Watershed. It contains critical habitat for steelhead trout, remnant populations of coho salmon, and Chinook salmon in its lower reaches.

There are approximately 18.7 miles of blue line stream in the Green Valley Creek Watershed, including Purrington Creek, which contributes important summer flow to the stream system. Green Valley Creek is the most recent stream in the Russian River drainage where some of the last wild juvenile coho were known to exist. It is currently stocked with juvenile coho each year as part of the Russian River Coho Salmon Captive Broodstock Program.

California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) stream inventory reports from the last decade assessed spawning and rearing habitat in Green Valley Creek and its tributary Purrington Creek. Higher quality spawning and rearing habitat were identified in two upper reaches of Green Valley Creek.

The highest quality salmonid habitat in the stream system is located above the confluence with Atascadero Creek and in the lower portion of Harrison Creek. However, according to the 1994 stream inventory report, sedimentation in the upper portion of the watershed has the potential to seriously degrade higher quality habitat downstream. The stream habitat report for Purrington Creek found that the tributary's lower reach contained fair habitat for salmonid rearing, while its upper reach had fair habitat for both spawning and rearing.

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